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Rosalind has long flowing red hair,with green eyes,Pale skin, very skinny, and quite tall. Rosalind is about 5 foot 6 1/2 inches tall,

Although at first Rosalind was quite quiet, She soon got past the dramatic events and went on with her life. She is very fashion forward,and sofisticated. She does not like any fast food at all. Which is stated when she takes one bite of a hamburger and instantly throw it away.


Rosalind came from France with her family and best friend. They were all aboard the cruise ship when they hit the storm and when it went down. She was found later on the surface of the ocean near the coast. She was brought to the police headquarters where she was taken care of before they found her someone to take care of her untill a relative came to pick her up. Jake's mom then let her along with her best friend Annastasia live with herself,Jake,and Bryce. It was then that she started dating Jake. After the battle she along with Annastasia,and Jake went back to France.



Rosalind never got to meet or see Amy ever. Since Rosalind came into the story after Amy left school. The only time that they might've met would be at Ashton's party at the end.


Rosalind see's him as an okay guy who was another survivor of the ship crash. Although the fact that they live in the same house, They really don't have much interaction.


Rosalind doesn't have any opinion of Alex. They've never met. Only ran into each other here and there when she came to visit Jake,and Bryce.


Rosalind is Jake's girlfriend. She cares about him quite a bit despite the fact that he's not the kinda guy she would normally like. At the end Jake goes with Rosalind to France.


Rosalind hasn't really ever met Belle. They dont interact at all.


Rosalind doesn't know that Saphfire exists.


Rosalind doesn't know that Emily exists.


Rosalind doesn't know that Hailey exists.


Rosalind doesn't know of Grella's existance and doesn't know about the curses.


They've never met.

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